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Our Mission

At Kayce Lauren, LLC, we are all about sharing information, products and resources to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We believe that success and happiness starts with a healthy mindset, exercise, meditation and doing whatever is good for your soul.  We are here to provide support, encouragement, training and ideas of different products.  Some products are, but not limited to, herbal supplements and teas, workout equipment, literature and service.  We are excited to share experiences and ideas with you to help you achieve your goals while making an impact on our community, as a whole.  Some may call what we do as providing services, but we like to consider our mission as building health life long relationships.

Our Essence

Our central focus is to provide our Clients with content based on our past experiences, cultural background, individuality, imagination and passion to help make the world a “healthier place” one step at a time.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to never withhold information that we know could be vital to creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  We understand that our client base shares the same passion for an active, healthy, fresh and lively perspective.  We promise to be a pillar of hope, motivation, encouragement and wellbeing.  After all, you cannot reach your goals without a positive perspective and a solid support system.  We promise to be that and more!

Our Vibe

As cliché as it may sound, We understand and believe that “health is wealth”.  It’s no secret and we want to continue sharing our positive energy and “pay it forward”.