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  • What is CBD? → CBD is a compound of the cannabis plant,Cannabis sativa,  that has been proven to have properties that may reduce inflammation, relieve pain and anxiety, act as a neuroprotectant to inhibit arthritis symptoms, and help improve sleep in people with certain sleep disorders.

  • Is CBD the same as marijuana? →No, it is not.  There is a big misconception that hemp is the same as marijuana.  While they both are part of the cannabis family, the effects and benefits differ.  THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are in both, marijuana and hemp, but marijuana has much more THC than hemp, therefore, providing that “high” effect.  Hemp has more CBD than marijuana, so you do not get “high”, but still enjoy the benefits of alleviating pain and anxiety.

  • Is CBD safe? → Currently, there are many reputable companies that produce high quality CBD products.  Make sure that the product you select has performed rigorous testing before hitting the market!  Even though CBD and hemp products are safe to be consumed orally and used topically, it is always safe to consult your Physician before using any CBD products.

  • What are some benefits when using CBD, again? →  offset anxiety and depression, helps treat opioid addiction, helpful in reducing symptoms of pain, provides relief for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), reduces symptoms of insomnia, and  contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Will CBD be exposed in a drug test? →  CBD products made using the whole plan contain less that 0.3% THC.  Although the likelihood of it showing up in a test is minimal, there is STILL a possibility that consumption of a whole plan product can lead to a positive urinalysis for THC.  This is depending on the amount of consumption and when last consumed. 


  • Is CBD legal? → The primary federal law that allowed businesses to start marketing CBD products is theAgriculture Improvement Act of 2018. This Act legalized the farming of industrial hemp, which, as defined by the Act, contains less than 0.3% THC (THC is the chemical in cannabis that gets people high).

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