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Buddah's Cave Da Hong PAO Oolong TEA

Grown in the Wuyi Mountains,Da Hong Pao (translated in English to “Big Red Robe”) is a Wuyi rock tea  known for its long history and royal reputation. It's a heavily oxidized dark oolong, which offers a delightfully rich infusion, even after the seventh or eighth brew, and is a wonderful enduring flavor that is darker and deeper than our variations of oolong teas.  Most known for the lingering aromas, the health benefits from oolong include the reduction of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, inflammatory disorders,  and high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, while providing vital antioxidants, promoting superior bone structure, robust skin and good dental health.   In addition, Oolong is ranked high among teas, full of antioxidants, vitamin C and amino acids all working to improve your health daily with each cup you consume.  Despite its caffeine content, it can still be extremely relaxing to drink and helps aid the body to detoxify by getting rid of the toxins and fat out of the body.   According to the Tea Association of the United States, the health benefits of oolong tea are said to be doubled compared to the combined qualities of black and green tea.   There are endless types of tea in this world, however,  oolong tea might be one of the most beneficial!

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